When it comes to cold weather, most countries have by-laws in place that require the heating to stay turned on, in regards to both private residences and public buildings. On the other hand, the opposite end of the spectrum is rarely examined, and shamefully so seeing as how global temperatures are on the rise and will be for the foreseeable future. Though dealing with the heat isn’t a huge problem for most people, it’s an entirely different equation for senior citizens.

The importance of air conditioning for seniors cannot be understated, and that goes double for countries that are closer to the equator and have very hot summers. It may seldom make the news, but heat waves actually kill people all over the world, even claiming four lives in Philadelphia back in August 2016, and over seventy thousand in Europe in 2003. In their older age, senior citizens tend to have a generally weaker system and their health is in a fragile state; more than anyone, they feel the deadly effects of the heat and are susceptible to developing even more problems because of it, including severe dehydration and even a stroke. As a matter of fact, it ought to be noted that during the summer months, heat-related illnesses are the number one cause of hospitalization for seniors.

Thankfully, humanity has come a very long way since learning to manipulate electricity, and air conditioning has been saving lives around the world for many years now. While for most families air conditioners are a mere source of comfort and luxury, for seniors they can be real life savers. The ability to remain in a cool and climate-controlled environment at all times of the day allows them to effortlessly fight off those dreaded heat waves and stay healthy for that much longer… which in turn, means a longer and more enjoyable life.

Now that the importance of air conditioning for seniors is obvious, finding one should become a top priority. There are many possible choices depending on where one lives, including state-sponsored programs for low-income families as well as various online and garage sales. The number one factor to consider is reliability and power in relation to the size of one’s house; before looking pretty, it must have the ability to cool the entire home down properly. Ultimately, finding the right air conditioner is all a matter of time and diligent examination, and for a senior citizen, all that effort is definitely worth the peace of mind they would get when the heat becomes unbearable.